Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How accurate are AgeCast calculations?
Laptop's age calculation tolerance is plus/minus 1 year.
Dog's and Cat's age calculation is relative and purely for entertainment purpose.
What data is used to calculate laptop's age?
Only CPU/Processor info is used to calculate correct age, calculation is based on the release date of the processor and rounded to the nearest year.
How many cpu's are supported?
Currently AgeCast.com supports more than 1000 Intel and AMD cpus.
My cpu is not listed!
Only AMD and Intel cpus are supported.
If your cpu is not listed then contact us via facebook or contact page.
Does AgeCast.com have mobile App?
No, we dont have app version of the site but AgeCast.com is fully responsive and all mobile devices are supported.

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Age Related Facts

Apple was founded 48 years ago.

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