Top 5 Ageless Movies you will have to see

Here are top 5 movies never getting old.

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Top 5 Ageless Movies

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Jan 11, 2019 / 2608

Following list of movies is not top 5 movies of all time since there is loads of these charts around. This list is more to do with ageless movies regarding to visual effects and story line witch are still easy to watch and in many cases made with less resources. One could probably write few hundered pages why visual effects are actually very poor lately and why there's so many movies made these days without proper plot.

Try to see this as recommendation not must be or do since what comes to movies, music or art etc. is more to do with taste and preferences.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2 Judgment Day was relesed in 1991 and makes it now 33 year old movie, directed by James Cameron with budget just above 100 million dollars and returned massive 517 million dollars at the time, now that last number is sufficiently higher.
Movie is packed with high quality action and visual effects and even in year 2020 watching it you don't feel like watching old and outdated movie, actually lot of new films will not come even close with quality and effort what was invested into Terminator 2 Judgment Day.
If for some strange reason you have not seen this movie yet then please book few hours for yourself and watch it, You will not regret this decision!

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption was relesed in 1994 and makes it now 30 year old movie.
I saw this movie first time about 10 years ago and it was big surprise for me that i missed seeing this for so many years because it is really one of the best movies ever made.
I don't think this movie can be considered old even 100 years from now. There's no big visual effects so everything is this movie is about story and acting. The Shawshank Redemption is 100% pure gold. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins are unforgettable.

Rambo First Blood

Rambo First Blood was relesed in 1984 and makes it now 40 year old movie.
Action packed with excellent story this is definetly must see movie. I remember seeing it first in year 1991 and have to say it did make huge impression, specially me beeing only 11 years old.
I watched this movie few months ago again and have to say that it brought back all good old memories.
Rambo First Blood is definetly one of the best movies by Sylvester Stallone and deserves to be included in this list.

Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon was relesed in 1973 and makes it now 51 year old movie and is one of the most iconic movies by Bruce Lee.
Whys is this film ageless?.. Because they just don't make movies like this any more and it is just impossible to repeat action and fight scenes in this film.
I believe anyone who has seen this movie will agree with me that it is one of the best fighting movies ever made.
Sound effects might seem funny at times but that just how these type of movies were made and i think it just ads something special to it.


Rocky 1 was relesed in 1976 and makes it now 48 year old movie and is one of the most iconic movies by Sylvester Stallone.
In year 2020 i can say i have seen this film about 10 times at least and will watch it again, this is AGELESS.
This is proof that you don't need loads of money to make good and memorable movie, all you need is will, idea and bit of madness.
Rocky should have been really in first place of this list.

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